A downloadable Broke Protocol for Windows

Become the most successful (or Most Wanted) man in the city.

Broke Protocol is like a low-poly GTA Online. You define your own goals and identity in a persistent, interactive, and reactive online sandbox. Currently in open alpha at http://brokeprotocol.com/

Broke Protocol Online RPG Game

You can roleplay in limitless ways to gain money, power, and influence in a diverse low-poly world. You start with nothing and have to build your wealth, while managing your hunger, thirst, stamina, and addiction levels.


"The game's got a lot of potential"

"They're really going gung-ho on this, I'm a big fan..."


Climb to the top of the criminal underworld, or maintain order as police, paramedic, or firefighter, and more. You write your own story in Broke Protocol.


  • Supports up to 255 online players per server!
  • Wide open and continuously expanding city with suburbs, market, prison, marina, and airport
  • Hundreds of AI citizens, police, firefighters, paramedics, and criminals roaming the city streets
  • 3D Positional VOIP to talk with other players near you
  • Take on any job yourself to bring order and justice to the streets
  • Enterable interiors with staff, guards, and shopping areas
  • Dozens of usable weapons, guns, tazers, grenades, flashbangs, smokes, seeds, drugs, and handcuffs
  • Ownable homes and gangs/territory system coming soon

Coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux. Working in conjunction with Synty Studios World Models.


This Broke Protocol is currently unavailable